United States “Secret Service” providing security to Prachanda…..


It was quite ironic to see NYPD and United States Secret service this week providing security to Maoist leader Prachanda, who is current prime minister of Nepal. He was under the security ring of “United States Secret Service”, who are trained to give security to the president of United States and other high value leaders of this country. Before writing more, I would like to remind you all that Prachanda and his parties “Maoist” are still in terrorist list of United States government.

Being labeled as “terrorist” by United States government  , Prachanda was able to come United States and attend general assembly of United Nations as well he was also able to shake hands with US President Gorge Bush and first lady Laura Bush. Not only they shake hands with each other, they also had a serious talk for almost ten minutes about Nepal’s political changes and peace process.

Even King Gyanendra was not scheduled to meet with President Bush personally when he was planning to attend United Nation’s general assembly, which was considered as an insult to King Gyanendra.  Back then, he had taken executive power in his hand and sacked democratically elected government in Nepal. Because of this reason, King Gyanendra cancelled his visit to United States and went to African countries to show Nepalese people that he still has some diplomatic connection.  Leaders from Cuba, Iran, Myanmar and Nepal were not invited in the reception hosted by President Bush.

Now, Prachanda’s meeting with president Bush is interpreted by Maoist as their diplomatic victory over United States. And it is also interpreted as an recognition of Maoist party as a democratic part by US government, even though they are still listed in “terror watch list” by US government!!!

One thing for sure, this visit will be used as a propaganda by Maoist in Nepal. They are going to claim that whole world including United States accepts them as a democratic government and new rising communist party. But it wont be enough to impress Nepalese people who are suffering from Maoist and there terrorist activities. For millions of Nepalese, Maoist is still a terrorist organization and will be so unless they drastically change and prove themselves that they will not repeat there mistakes, which I don’t think will happen.





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