Hungry Vulture And Helpless girl

October 28, 2008

I will never forget this award winner picture taken by Kevin Carter in 1993. This picture reminds me of the sorrow that innocent humans have to suffer because of war.  I think this picture will break any body’s heart (at least mine) and make them think twice about this little innocent hungry girl who is waiting her death because of hunger and disease. Vulture standing right beside her is waiting that girl to die so that he can feed on her.  The common thing between them is, “they both are hungry and will die if they wont get food in time”. Read the rest of this entry »


What Next for “Koirala”??

October 27, 2008

Girija Prasad Koirala is one of those politician in Nepal who was lucky enough to be prime minister several times despite of his unpopular rating among Nepalese people. He is the only leader who ruled more than 70% of the time in Nepal after 2047 B.S. Once upon a time, he was famously known as democratic fighter of Nepal. After democracy was restored , he started getting known by different nick names such as power hungry leader, corrupted leader, selfish leader, Giddhe leader, khola bechne leader, leader who ended “Maoist revolution” (so called people’s war) in a peaceful way and so on……….

Despite of doing handful number of good things in Nepal, Koirala is known as a most greedy and corrupted leader of Nepal. In the greed of power, he Read the rest of this entry »