Hungry Vulture And Helpless girl

I will never forget this award winner picture taken by Kevin Carter in 1993. This picture reminds me of the sorrow that innocent humans have to suffer because of war.  I think this picture will break any body’s heart (at least mine) and make them think twice about this little innocent hungry girl who is waiting her death because of hunger and disease. Vulture standing right beside her is waiting that girl to die so that he can feed on her.  The common thing between them is, “they both are hungry and will die if they wont get food in time”.

When this picture was published in New York Times, it caught world’s attention about the situation in Sudan as well of Africa and created a “sense of urgency” to help those people in Africa.  Millions of dollars were raised in Europe and America to help those people in Africa.

Real story behind this photo:

Kevin committed suicide after three months.  He suffered from depression after he visited those war affected part of Sudan. Some people said he committed suicide because of the guiltiness that he had for not helping that innocent girl in time. His father said that he was never able to be normal after he took this picture. According to New York Times, “he sat under a tree for a long time, smoking cigarettes and crying after taking this picture”. 

Once this picture was published, he also drew tons of criticism from the people all around the world. People were asking his motive of taking this picture. According to his interview, it took him around 10-15 minutes to take this picture. People were criticizing him telling he should have helped that hungry girl rather than taking this picture.

No body knows what happened to that innocent girl after that picture was taken. One theory says that she was able to reach United Nation Food Camp. Another theory says that she died on the same day when this picture was taken. And villagers told reporters that, “if Kevin had helped that girl rather than wasting his time taking pictures, she would have survived”.


3 Responses to Hungry Vulture And Helpless girl

  1. Shilu says:

    I hope that little girl survived. It is a heart breaking photo…..i hope no body has to go after that situation….

  2. Shailen says:

    One more theory about that little girl…..The friend of that photographer who was beside him while he took this picture told the press later on that her mom was with her a while ago before taking this picture. When UN plane landed to distribute food, all adults ran towards the plane to get good leaving their chidren. That was the moment when photographer took this picture.

    This is one of the theory(conspiracy) I found in the internet about this picture. I am not sure which ine is true????

  3. Jenifer says:

    @Shailen, who cares about a so called “conspiracy” you heard about. Look conspiracy up in the dictionary because you are way off base. Anyway, does it really matter? If you really want to know then try Wikipedia.

    When I see this picture it makes me cry every single time, I hurt for her and people like her. It just make me realize how blessed I am. Thank you, Lord. I don’t know why things like this happen to people but I really wish we could fix it. Greed and a lack of emphaty is what caused it.

    Dear Father God, please we need you. Help us. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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