First Black President “Barack Obama”(Impossible made possible)

November 6, 2008


Very few people in United States knew him four years ago. His speech in 2004 democratic convention made him popular within Democratic Party but was still unknown to the country till he started his presidential bid in 2006. People laughed at him while he declared in cold winter that he was running for presidential election. Everybody in this country knew that being African American it was an impossible task for Obama to win the nomination from his party by defeating Hillary Clinton, forget about general election.  People started joking about him. No body except few imagined that this black guy would be 44th president of Unites States of America. Read the rest of this entry »


Dear Dad………….(By Punte Damai)

November 1, 2008

Somebody named “Punte Damai” wrote this emotional article dedicated to his dad. All the credit of this article goes to “Punte damai”. I am not sure if it is a real story but I bet it somewhat matches most of the Nepalese youths present and past. This will really blow everybody’s heart and brain………….

Dear Dad…….Thank you! 

Thank you for paying 1/4th of your income for my elementary school fee when you had a wife and 3 more kids to feed, educate and shelter. I don’t know how you did it? I guess I was too young to know. 

Thank you for buying us new clothes for Dashain and wearing that same polo shirt you had been wearing for a couple of years. I still remember how you looked that Dashain. I guess I was too busy to show the new dress to my friends and relatives that I never asked you if you liked to wear that faded shirt.  

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