First Black President “Barack Obama”(Impossible made possible)


Very few people in United States knew him four years ago. His speech in 2004 democratic convention made him popular within Democratic Party but was still unknown to the country till he started his presidential bid in 2006. People laughed at him while he declared in cold winter that he was running for presidential election. Everybody in this country knew that being African American it was an impossible task for Obama to win the nomination from his party by defeating Hillary Clinton, forget about general election.  People started joking about him. No body except few imagined that this black guy would be 44th president of Unites States of America.

In the bid for president election, his first opponent was Hillary Clinton, wife of famous president Bill Clinton. As soon as Hillary declared her candidacy for president, main stream media and political pundits had declared her as inevitable and nominee of Democratic Party. She had enormous amount of money to start her campaign and support from democratic establishment including her husband. Her political machine was considered inevitable and was assumed that she will be a nominee from her party for presidential election.


On the other side, Obama started his campaign from scratch. He believed in bottom to top management style.  His experiences of community organizer in Chicago helped him built well disciplined campaign and attract millions of volunteers through out the country.  His awe-inspiring ground game helped him to raise record amount of money and eventually defeat Hillary Clinton. He changed the entire obstacle that he faced in the campaign to his advantage. His charismatic personality and message of change was also able to attract millions of new voters to him. When he won caucus in Iowa, he stunned the world by defeating Hillary Clinton by huge margin. Every body was stunned to see this black guy defeating inevitable Hillary Clinton and her political machine in the state where more than 95% voters were white.

After Iowa victory, he was able to draw attention from the whole country. Even though he was African American candidate, he was able to win white votes and defeat his opponent in those states where more than 90% voters were white. People started to take his candidacy for president seriously and start listening his speech. Eventually with his appealing and attracting speech of change and hope, he was able to attract millions of volunteers in his campaign, register millions of new voters, raise record amount of money.

After he won the nomination from his party, he focused on raising more money and run positive campaign.  Every month he was raising record amount of money and outspent his rival John McCain by more than 3 to 1 in several battle ground states. Because of financial advantage he had over John McCain, he forced McCain to defend red (republican) states that George Bush won handily in 2004. He was able to draw tens of thousands of crowds wherever he went to campaign.  He also become very popular in Europe, Asia and Africa where people were looking him as an agent of change.

His message of hope, change, charismatic leadership, well discipline campaign team, promise of tax cuts to 95% middle class family, ending war in Iraq, creating new jobs by investing in alternative energy, unpopular republican president in the white house from last eight years, recent economic crisis and his bottom to top style of running campaign helped him to defeat senator John McCain in this election. He has become the first black president of United States which was considered impossible as mentioned above. He has also generated hope and inspiration to incoming generation of United States. Parents can proudly say “nothing is impossible in United States if you work hard” to their children. Being a black person and son of immigrant from Kenya, Obama had made impossible to possible and created an example to rest of the world.


3 Responses to First Black President “Barack Obama”(Impossible made possible)

  1. SanoDai, London says:

    Good analysis but long one. Next time dekhi alli choto choto lekh haru lekhna mildaina kapur?

  2. Raj... says:

    I like analysis of Nepali politics like u wrote abt girija and 1950 treaty rather than abt american politics…….

    Still it was worth reading ur analysis abt obama kale……

  3. sajansan says:

    the world wants change now, so lots of changes we see,
    neal ma ni maosit aayo tara no cange till now SAD to know

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