Dear Dad………….(By Punte Damai)

November 1, 2008

Somebody named “Punte Damai” wrote this emotional article dedicated to his dad. All the credit of this article goes to “Punte damai”. I am not sure if it is a real story but I bet it somewhat matches most of the Nepalese youths present and past. This will really blow everybody’s heart and brain………….

Dear Dad…….Thank you! 

Thank you for paying 1/4th of your income for my elementary school fee when you had a wife and 3 more kids to feed, educate and shelter. I don’t know how you did it? I guess I was too young to know. 

Thank you for buying us new clothes for Dashain and wearing that same polo shirt you had been wearing for a couple of years. I still remember how you looked that Dashain. I guess I was too busy to show the new dress to my friends and relatives that I never asked you if you liked to wear that faded shirt.  

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